Monday, October 26, 2009

Healthy Pet Net

Hello everyone. Gosh I really need to keep this thing updated and not only once every 6 months lol. Well I will update anyone who might drop by. My art is mainly animal related and that is with good reason because I am an animal lover. I have been all my life. I have numerous pets in my life and I like most animal lovers care about what my four legged friends eat and a few years ago there was a big recall on a bunch of different pet foods I didnt worry so much about it for my pets cause I didnt feed my dogs store bought food but lots of people did and there where tons of pets who passed because of it. The food that I fed and still feed my dogs and now my cat is Life's Abundance food. There were alot of reasons why I switched but the main reason is my best friend Darla who is my names sake lol really didnt have alot of energy she was not really that old but she just didnt get around like she used to and my mother gave me a sample bag of it and I mixed it in with her normal food and noticed a difference before the bag was even empty so obviously I switched her food. Well she had tons more energy was running up and down the steps just like she did when she was a puppy. Well now she is an old lady and still keeping me company but my point to all this is I finally decided that it was time to share this with all of my animal loving friends. I have just recently signed up to be a field representative for the company. There is alot more to the company then just pet food and I will get into the rest some other time but I am very excited about the pet food part of it because I truly believe in the product and hope that I can help more people get alot more years and more healthy years with there 4 legged friends. Here is a link to my website. Go in and check it out for yourself and if you have eny questions dont hesitate to ask you can email me through the website or leave a message here.